20 - 24 November 2016, Le Meridien Hotel, Pointe aux Piments, MAURITIUS


About Le Meridien, Pointe aux Piments, Mauritius Brief on Island of Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the world's top luxury tourism destinations. It possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions, enjoys a tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming. These tourism assets are its main strength, especially since they are backed up by well-designed and run hotels, and reliable and operational services and infrastructures. Mauritius received the World Leading Island Destination award for the third time and World's Best Beach at the World Travel Awards in January 2012.

As both an English-speaking and French-speaking nation, Mauritius is a member of both the Commonwealth of Nations and the Francophonie. English and French are generally accepted as the official languages of Mauritius and as the languages of government administration, courts, and business. The constitution of Mauritius is written in English, while some laws, such as the civil code, are in French. The Mauritian population is multilingual; most Mauritians are equally fluent in English and French, while Mauritian Creole is the mother tongue of most Mauritians, people tend to switch languages according to the situation; French and English are favoured in educational and professional settings while Asian languages (Hindi, Bhojpuri, Arabic, Chinese)  are used mainly in music, religious and cultural activities. The media and literature are primarily in French

The Conference venue: The Le Meridien Hotel (Starwood Property and Resort)

Pointe aux Piments Beach is located in the village of Pointe aux Piments, in the west part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beaches of Mauritius situated in the Pamplemousses district. Pointe aux Piments Beach is also known as Le Meridien Beach. Pointe aux Piments public beach totals some 3-4km, from Petite Pointe aux Piments near the resorts Le Victoria and Le Meridien, through Pointe aux Piments village and all the way up to Trou aux Biches. Le Méridien Ile Maurice stands at the edge of 800 metres of sparkling ivory sands on the coast of Mauritius in the bay of Pointe Aux Piments of the Indian Ocean. Lush gardens create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic idyll or a serene getaway.

Visa Requirements

Please consult the following website for visa requirements for travel to Mauritius